Wednesday 7 May 2014

Being Mindful at 2 years old

Recently I had the honour & privilege of looking after a 2 year old. Her name's Molly. During our time together I learnt a lot about Mindfulness from her. The world of a 2 year old comprises of moments and how to take part and enjoy those moments occupies them totally as the picture below shows!

watching noisy lorries can be relaxing too!

Young Molly's actions embrace everything that I appreciate & understand as 'Mindfulness' . In its essence it includes taking note of what's around you, enjoying the simple things, standing & staring for the sake of it and appreciating the simple things in life. You don't need money for Mindfulness just the willingness to take the time out & note things.

enjoying the journey rather than rushing to get there!

Also, Mindfulness for me means enjoying the moment to its full & taking joy in the present rather than letting the past invade our thoughts & also not thinking too far ahead! To me it also means being curious & catching sight of everything around me & finding the beauty in everyday things & savouring the task at hand whatever they may be.

"Today is a gift, that is why it is called the Present".

exploring the equipment before baking
enoying the sensation of the water

appreciating things even when they don't make sense to you

taking opportunity to relax wherever you are

taking time out to stand & stare & noticing things 

So take time out & enjoy the sensations, sights & sounds around you like Molly does. You may like them!

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